Saturday, 8 November 2014

Young Hughie's Huge Chemistry Set

Hugh Lee Patterson
(His middle name is his mother's maiden name)

Hugh Lee Patterson, when he was 37, together with his Uncle John Lee and George Burnett in 1833, built what emerged over the next few years into a huge Chemical Works filling the space down the left hand side of Brewery Lane. For 53 years from 1833 until 1886 when it closed, it consumed a lot of coal, emitted foul gasses and produced a huge pile of obnoxious waste. However it also employed 1400 men and built and operated a school for the bairns. Along the way, HLP got rich.

He lived here, on Newcastle Road, West Boldon

He was building a house in The Felling

A work in progress...

He investigated great fire of Gateshead
Benevolent company..built school
The firm's demise..a loss to the town
As an aside, his youngest daughter married chemist R. S Newall whose home Field House on the Saltwell Estate of Gateshead eventually became the premises of  the private Gateshead High School for Boys. They had sold their previous school buildings to Gateshead Council who created Gateshead Grammar School

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