Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Felling is Short on Pubs

The Bugle, now Heron Foods
Would you believe it? The Felling is 3 pubs short of its statistical quota. There are 27,800 Folk in the Felling, including its "Villages"...Windy Nook to Bill, statistically speaking, there should be 24 pubs. (The population of the UK is 64 million with 55, 000 pubs...1,164 people to each pub.) There are only 21, as I write this.  The Bugle became Herons, The Ship morphed into Premier, The Black House got extra from Tesco and The British Lion became Woolworths...well almost.

The Halfway House is now a full on house, as is The Mulberry and The Black Bull site will soon house many.

Pubs in the UK are closing at the rate of about 30 per day...or over 1,000 per year. That's not fast enough because there are tens of thousands of pubs running at a loss. Large pub chains allow the profitable pubs to subsidise the losers and those owning pubs, as against running of them, keep on finding mugs to take on pubs, doomed to failure by their location.
The bottom Bay Horse, yes this one

has just re-opened. It may prosper and I hope it does but if it does I'll show my arse in Fenwick's window

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