Sunday, 16 November 2014

Felling's Burning Brand

Like as the brand doth flame and burn
So we from death to life should turn

The Brandling's burning brand was a symbol of a ruthless greedy family who treated the ordinary pit men much as they treated the pit ponies. Just things they needed to generate them riches. On the other hand, people have said "without the mine owners, there would be no work" But I would say Hugh Lee Pattinson owned a chemical plant and he provided work and he got rich. But here's the  school for the workers' bairns provided by Pattinson set side by side with the one by Brandling

Pattinson's (left) Brandling's (right)
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Back to the burning brand, The Felling Urban District Council, The Felling Male Voice Choir, The Felling Rotary Club and others, used it as a symbol and they have made it a symbol of The ordinary, nay extraordinary Felling Folk. Indeed The Felling Heritage Group now use it

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