Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lord Cunningham of Felling

Another Famous Felling Fella
I have just googled Jack Cunningham who, back in the midst of time, was landlord of the Ship Inn at Felling Shore. That Jack didn't come up but this one did

Jack Cunningham, nowadays

He is the eminent politician Dr Jack Cunningham, and since 2005, has been known as Lord Cunningham of Felling. I thought I hadn't heard of him until I saw this pic.
Jack, on the right. I remember him well from the Blair years
I could have guessed that, by now, he might have been honoured but hush my mouth, he's taken The Felling in his title. Good on him!

Isn't it odd that almost every Fellingite, over a certain age,  remembers the disgraced Andy Cunningham, the dodgy politician..allegedly... but, no one ever mentions his son.

Yes, he is the son of Andy, brought up in Felling, went to Jarrow Grammar and eventually got a PhD in Chemistry... a doddle, perhaps, for a Felling lad who's roots lay in Felling Shore and its huge chemical industry 
He was the MP for Copeland for 35 years. He's still involved in public life in the North East. I'll get Margaret to drop him a line to see if he'll open our next The Felling Heritage Group's Nostalgia History Exhibition on Fri 21st and Sat 22nd November 2014 at the Methodist Church Hall opposite the bottom Bay Horse.There you are I started with a pub and finished with one..
( disguise a shameless advert)

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