Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Bunch of Felling Menfolk in1906

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This is a photo from the Hayward Collection with no clues as to who these guys are or what they are doing in Horden, near Peterlee in 1906. Only the place and year are shown on the pic.
I happen to know that the chap at the back, second from left is Robert Sisterson, who had two shops, Herbal Drugs and Paint/Wallpaper on Felling High Street. I also think that I recognise a couple of others as traders on Felling High Street so it's my best guess that this is a Shopkeepers' outing to the seaside. At first I thought the white bearded chap sat atop of the hillock is the father of the bloke immediately behind him. There appears to be a family likeness. On closer inspection I now think it is a father and son outing with the fathers in front of their respective sons, except the Sistersons where Dad is at the back and son at the front.

Anyway, no matter. It's a telling pic of the business class in The Felling in 1906. They are all suited & booted, and mostly hatted and facially hirsuted.
I googled and came up with this random picture of the business/clerical set in the early 1900s

Group photograph of Bedale Bowling Green Society
Back row, left to right: W Porter (Grocer), J W W Trewhitt (Grocer), Wheldon J (Draper and Bill Oddy LookaLike), Dodsworth Fred Sir (Gentleman), Linscott T (Schoolmaster), Fowler H (Nurseryman), Whitelock M (Gentleman), Walker W. Front row left to right: Anderson G (All England Cricketer), Swarbreck B W (Solicitor), Mountford F H (Bank Manager), Kay W L (Grocer), Fowler R (Nurseryman), 


 all suited & booted and facially hirsuted and clearly flat caps, bowlers and boaters and not smiling for the camera were required by law.
It's 1906. Here's a sobering thought. That young chap, kneeling on the bowling green, in 8 years time, will, more than likely, be kneeling in mud, dodging bullets, in a trench in Belgium.

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