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Felling Shore Pubs

This map shows The Ferry House PH and The Unicorn PH

This is a snippet of Pigot & Co Trade Directory of 1841 naming Felling Shore Pubs. Note: Union pub run by William Forster? Where is the Grindstone? Is this right and/or complete? It needs investigation

Anchor Inn, Tyne Street

1841 it was run by William Jefferson and in same year Edmund Hodgson.
In 1877-1898 it was Robert Lightfoot

Bee Hive, Brewery Lane

1841 George Noble
1877 Thomas Diston

Brandling Arms

1877 Frederick Willshire
1898 John Sanderson

Grindstone Tavern, Tyne Street

Robert Wilkinson 1800 - 53 ran a pub and a maltings called the Grindstone Tavern at Felling Shore, Gateshead, Durham. Does anyone else have records of this pub / inn ? In the 1841 census his address is Low Felling, occupation Maltster. By the end of the decade he owned 4 boats in the Dictionary of Tyneside Shipowners giving his occupation as a inn keeper.
1877 it was Forster Stephenson
1898 William Willshire

Oak Tree

1841 Thomas Meadows

Ship Inn

1828 Rowland Richardson
1841 Elizabeth Richardson
1898 John Cunningham


1828 Thomas Emerson
1841 John Gallon

The Ferry, Friars Goose 

1877 Ralph Waugh
(called in 1841 The Ferry House, when James Vazey had it) 

The Wherry

1828 William Forster

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Green Tree, Brewery Lane

Julia O'Donnell

These are some notes made by Peter Haywood. He is trying to get a picture of what was going on at Felling Shore. We can identify that his sketch is of


His map is from the river looking south, inland, but...

...unfortunately the lower right of his map has been lost

This shows The Ferry pub. Click on the big map to see it enlarged to identify Nest House and Friars Goose Chemical Works

Felling Shore, back then

The riverside as it is now

The Railway Tavern, , The Old Engine, The Wherry, The Moulders Arms, The Ferry Boat and

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  1. Very interesting. I live in the new apartment development that is located on the site of the chemical works. It's fascinating to discover what used to be on the site.