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The Felling Pubs A to Y

Back in the industrial heyday The Felling was awash with pubs and I'm about to list every pub there ever was. Why? Why not, it will be the first/only record and it will be searchable for genealogists, local historians and folk who just love pubs. The list is large but bear in mind there are more names than there were ever pubs. Name changes were frequent. The Black House in Windy Nook, for example, back in the 1800's changed its name 4 times in a 24 year period.(Names are included in the following list contained in a purple box

Shared Colours = Same pubs, with name change P = Present name
Grey = Demolished or no longer a pub H meaning now housing, S meaning shop,
C = Still a pub, but closed


Albion, Bill Quay, H
Anchor, Felling Shore


Balmoral Tavern, High Felling
Barley Mow, High Felling
Bay Horse, Windy Nook
Bay Horse, High Felling
Bee Hive, Felling Shore
Beeswing, High Felling

Black Bull, Heworth Lane
Black Bull, Wardley
Black House, Windy Nook, S
Blink Bonny, High Felling

Blue Bell, High Felling
Board, Bill Quay 
Board, Windy Nook
Bottle House Tavern, Bill Quay

Brandling Arms, High Felling
Brandling Arms, Felling Shore

British Lion, Low Felling S
Bugle, Leam Lane, S


Colliery Inn, Wardley
Cricketers, Bill Quay
Cup and Coins, High Felling
Coal Waggon, Windy Nook
Crown and Thistle, Windy Nook


Deuchar Arms, Leam Lane
Dixielanders, Wardley
Durty Nellys, High Felling P
Duke of Connaught, Low Felling
Duke of Cumberland, High Felling
Duke of Cumberland, High Heworth
Dun Cow, Split Crow Rd, High Felling

Durham Ox, High Felling
Durham Ranger, Leam Lane


Eagle, Leam Lane
Elephant on the Tyne, Felling Shore


Fiddlers Three, Windy Nook P
Ferry House, Felling Shore
Ferry Boat, Friar's Goose


   Greyhound, High Felling C
    Grayhound, High Felling

Green, Wardley
Green Mandolin, High Felling C

Green Tree, Felling Shore
Grindstone Wharf Tavern, Felling Shore

Grindstone, Felling Shore


Halfway House, High Felling H
Hare & Hounds, Windy Nook
Hope & Anchor, Windy Nook


Lamb, Bill Quay
Last Orders, High Felling P
Lord Collingwood, High Felling H
Letterboard Inn, Bill Quay


Maiden Over, Heworth
Mallard, High Felling
Malting House, Low Felling
Mason's Arms, Bill Quay
Mulberry Inn, Low Felling H


Oak Tree, Felling Shore
Oddfellows, High Felling H

Old Fox, Low Felling


Pear Tree, Low Felling C
Pelaw Inn, Pelaw
Portland Arms, High Felling P


Railway Tavern, Low Felling
Railway Inn, Wardley

Ravensworth Arms, Windy Nook
Royal Turf Hotel, High Felling


Shakespeare, High Felling
Ship, High Heworth S
Ship, Felling Shore
Ship, Heworth Shore
Ship, Bill Quay
Shiplaunch, Felling Shore
Slipway, Bill Quay
Speed The Plough, Low Felling

Splitcrow Tavern, High Felling
(see top left of map)
Squire's Arms, Heworth Lane

Staith House, Pelaw Main(This may be in Hebburn)
Station Hotel, Low Felling
Sutherlands, Windy Nook
Swan, Heworth


Unicorn, Felling Shore


Victoria Jubilee, High Felling P


Waggon, Windy Nook
Wardley, Bill Quay
Watermill, High Felling
Wheatsheaf, Bill Quay
Wheatsheaf, Low Felling
Wheatsheaf, Heworth
(Demolished to make way for Brandling Junction Railway)
Wherry, Felling Shore
White Mare Pool, Wardley
Willows, Wardley

Yarmouth Arms, Heworth Shore

Is this true?
Letterboard Inn, Heworth Shore
Built in the latter part of the 19th century, the Letterboard Inn was situated just south of the river and to the west of the shipbuilding yard of Wood, Skinner & Co. In 1855 the proprietor was Ann Wynn and in 1900 it was E. Melville.

the blog will say
A Work in Progress
until every pub is listed

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