Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Telling Felling Dwelling

How many of these telling Felling dwellings can you name? Which one was once a pub?
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There are a number of special Felling folk who own a Telling Felling Dwelling and I, along with other members of The Felling Heritage Group met a couple who own and live in one such iconic historic building. Here and now I shan't name them or the building, until I have checked with them that it's OK because, without their permission, I don't want their home to become The Felling's answer to the Dakota building. Perhaps they are not yet prepared for queues of tour buses filled with members of Felling Past and Present and Memory Lane gawping and taking pics. They kindly showed me and my partner round and it truly is a special place to live. 

There are photos out there on the web 

Of the interior of this special Felling dwelling, 
But don't ask
I'm not telling

The Telling Felling Dwelling List

Beeswing Pub
Crow Hall
Crowhall Cottage
Holly Hill Villas
35 Davidson Street
Highburn House
Shanid House (now flats)
St Alban's Villa
St Alban's Villa East
Former Methodist Manse, St Mary's Terrace

As an aside, one of the owners of the Imperia Bingo Hall kindly gave a guided tour of that iconic building, which as a bingo hall retains many of the features of its previous and original use as a cinema.

Should you be the owner or occupant of a Special Felling Dwelling and would like to share historic conveyancing documents and other matters relating to The History of The Felling, please get in touch by email to 


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