Friday, 3 October 2014

The Pant, The Felling

Drawing and Article from Heslop's Advertiser
Boer War Memorial, Victoria Square was unveiled 4th June 1904. This article in 1934 says we look forward to it remaining another 30 years and beyond. It only lasted another 17 years!
It was removed in 1951 to modernise the Square but with a promise to the many objecting Felling folk that it would be saved and re-erected elsewhere..Felling Park was one possibility. It never reappeared and we now know it ended up as landfill in High Heworth.

It was a focal point for pitmen marches, suffragette and temperance speeches, left wing political rallies and now it has gone none of these things happen

Ellen Wilkinson, here campaigning for a Wardley estate to be named after her

Blokes waiting for the pubs to open

Here it is without its dome..what's that about?

Finally, the best pic

© Jon Bratton


  1. I love your blogs and the information, Jon...always a pleasure to read, and more importantly, to learn from.

  2. Dear John
    My name is Jim and I am a researcher for the North East War Memorials Project Can we use the above photos of the Felling Pant. You will of course be credited.