Thursday, 2 October 2014

Heslop's Local Advertiser

Just a local rag, filled mainly with adverts but also news and articles....what a magnificent picture of everyday life it now paints of The Felling way back when.
Copies are held in Newcastle Library Local Studies section and in Gateshead Library Local Studies and if you're interested in the history of The Felling this is a must resource

Gateshead have many bound together in heavy hard backed books. Newcastle also have them hard bound but in smaller volumes

Not just adverts but many articles by notable local historians. John Oxberry and Charles C. Taylor

Charles C Taylor
John Oxberry is here

Here is the opening of a Bowling Green on the Felling Bog House Council Estate

Here in a much earlier edition is an advert for Milk from the Bog House replaced by a Council Estate with its own bowling green. Living history!

Adverts, Local articles and Local Council reports, cheek by jowl
If you're interested in local history I could not recommend less that you pay a visit to the library and check these gems out

So, where was this weekly missive produced?

Nestling in the lap of St Patrick's R.C. Church is the building you see on the right..which is Heslop's Printing Works.
It is still around but restored and now a nice detached house

...but note the earlier address

Davidson Street

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