Friday, 17 October 2014

The Felling High Street 1850-1900 ish

Felling High Street when it was not full of shops. It had three chapels, a Poor House, a Post Office, side streets called Brougham Place and Russell Place and quite a few self contained dwelling houses, as against flats above shops, including Hay's Cottages, Shield's Cottages and Alnwick Cottages.
There is a well which appears to be called Baine this so named because it was a place where one could wash oneself?
Re pubs, The Bluebell, Halfway House and Beeswing are shown but note the it doesn't occupy the corner spot. This was when the Bluebell Yard was an open facility where hoppings were held

and a smithy shop was in the Bluebell yard.
The Bluebell we know today was built in 1905

This advert is about the time of the Blue Bell rebuild so perhaps the new pub with a much smaller yard still let out a space to the blacksmith

Here's the map about 1900

There are many more shops than there were in the earlier map. Over the years the numbering changed. For example, early on the two Sisterson shops were 92 and 94, later they were 102 and 104. Because the High Street was a focal point for shopping over a period of 150 years each unit had a number of different tenants/owners and your remembrance of what was where will differ from persons in the generation above and below you
This previous blog attempts to give a list of occupants

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