Thursday, 2 July 2015

Today's Reminders of the Past...Heworth & Pelaw/Bill Quay

Some young folk might have difficulty visualising Heworth as it was before the Felling By-Pass was built in the late 1950's. The points of reference on this pic are the wall of St Mary's Church at the bottom right of the picture which is Heworth and the houses in the far distance...

...which can be recognised today... and which are Pelaw and Bill Quay beyond. Now wait a minute. Heworth, Pelaw and Bill Quay are hamlets collectively forming, with others, the town of The Felling

Here is a photo of those houses taken today

And another. But wait. The Felling  By-Pass doesn't by-pass at all- it splits Heworth from Pelaw/Bill Quay. And is not Wardley on two sides of the so-called by-pass?
Indeed it splits Heworth itself. Some of the front garden of Heworth Hall was sacrificed to make way for the by-pass and the Parish Hall built in 1912 was demolished

Bits of St Mary's churchyard were also sacrificed..see these signs. Click the pics to make them bigger ass
When it was built in 1957-9 most of the industry on Felling Shore, Heworth Shore and Bill Quay had gone so why didn't it truly by-pass The Felling?

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