Friday, 3 July 2015

Today's Reminders of the Past...Street Names

In the Brandling area of The Felling, being the location of the former Brandling seat Felling Hall and the Brandling Main Pit some new Council housing has been created where previous Council maisonette blocks have been demolished. It is a delight to see Rev John Hodgson (1779–1845) honoured in a street name. It is a disappointment to see this, Brandling Court, as the only other street name in this small development, though I can see the funny side of John Hodgson being Close to Brandling being Caught.

The Brandlings are long gone from Felling and some would say "it's good riddance". It was a large employer of local people but not a caring one and I fail to see why the name is further honoured
This one is very understandable for who would begrudge this man being honoured
I well understand Pattinson Gardens being named after Hugh Lee Pattinson, (1796-1858) the famous chemist who owned the huge Chemical Works and who showed a benevolence and a social reforming approach to his workers and their childrens' education. In Windy Nook there is Robert Owen Gardens named after this man who was also a benevolent employer/school provider in New Lanark, Scotland. So too there is Ruskin Road named after philanthropist John Ruskin (1819 – 1900), Hopper Road after John Hopper, the Methodist preacher who lived in Windy Nook and was the creator of the 'aged mineworkers home scheme' in 1898 and Oxberry Gardens named for John Oxberry (1857-1940) who was a local historian, as was Chas C Taylor who has Taylor Gardens in Pelaw named after him.
Talking of local historians being honoured one day we will have a street sign bearing Joan Hewitt's name but as she is still hale and hearty there's time yet. Sadly there is a local historian who was taken from us too early so maybe a vote should go to the next new Felling street being called Peter Haywood Way

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  1. Love your site. Thank you for all of the research and sweat that shows what a fascinating place The Felling, its people and its History are. Thanks also for the sense of humour that enlivens the many texts. I am a Toberty living in Orange, Australia. My heritage is Ireland and The Felling with family still proudly there. The first Toberty residence was Railway Row - now gone; then off to Browns Place near the square - also gone. Aunty lives in Sycamore Grove (as did Uncle who passed away only two weeks ago having lived there since his birth in 1929). We have a street named after Aunty's Dad - Toberty Gardens - recognising his efforts in education and in the Jarrow Crusade/March. A descendent now lives in London and one of her pursuits is honey making. The brand of this delicious bit of good taste and health is “Toberty Gardens Honey”: a touch of The Felling down in the Big Smoke. Cheers and stay well. Tom.