Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Today's Reminders of the Past..Coach Road from Leam Farm to North Leam Farm to High Heworth Farm

The Wylam family had three farmhouses at High Heworth Farm (former peae pudding factory, now a church), Leam Farm (still a house) and North Leam Farm, known in later times as Major English's house, but now long gone. However what remains is the magnificent coach road between the three.

The Leam Farm House is the buiding in the bottom right hand corner. The North Leam Farm House was in the round..ish green area in the middle of the picture and the High Heworth Farm House is off the picture at the top left

Here's my pics of the route starting on Leam Lane
This from the Farm field..the red is the bus stop shelter
This the entrance to the walk on Leam Lane
Isn't it magnificent, even now?
The big green area on the right is where North Leam Farm House was

This is the section after crossing Wealcroft

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