Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Today's Reminders of the Past...The Battle of S. Hill

There is an internet difference when it comes to the Battle of S. Hill which took place in 1068 between William the Conqueror and Malcolm III of Scotland. William Hill would have the odds about even. Harry Hill would just say "Fight!"
That there was a Fight does not seem in dispute but was it on Sheriff Hill or Shadon's Hill?
For those not familiar with the local geography Sheriff Hill is at the pinnacle of Gateshead Fell and Shadon's Hill is on Blackfell between Birtley and Eighton Banks. If you don't know it, go from Birtley up towards Eighton Banks passing the big fishing lake on the left and just before passing the road on the left leading to the Bowes Incline pub look at the hill on the right, usually with horses in the surrounding fields. That's Shadon's Hill. See my pic taken from Shadon's Hill looking east towards the Felling (which is what this blog is supposed to be about). The Ship Inn is just off to the top right of the pic
What is surprising about this is that both factions, on the internet, seem oblivious to the fact that there is a battle going on. The Sheriff Hill lot don't say there is a counter point of view nor do the Shadon contingent.
Me? I'm off to the Library to investigate but I'm erring on the side of Sheriff Hill which is bang on the old A1 and exactly where an army from the Sooth and an army from Scotland would meet.

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