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Listed Buildings in The Felling

Listed Buildings in The Felling

Listed buildings are those buildings of special architectural or historic interest included on a list prepared by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Reproduced below is a summary of this list.

Carlisle Street II Christ Church
Crowhall Lane II* Crow Hall
Crowhall Lane II 2 gate piers south of Crow Hall
Crowhall Lane II Crow Hall Cottage and garden wall
Davison Street II No. 35
High Street II Church of St. Patrick
High Street II Presbytery of Church of St. Patrick
Holly Hill II Ardallan
Holly Hill II Gate, gate piers and wall around Ardallan
Mulberry Street II Former Urban Studies Centre
Riverside Park II Engine House of former Tyne Main Colliery
Sunderland Road II Former Gateshead District Housing Offices
Sunderland Road II Piers and lamp-holders, Housing Office
Victoria Square II New Imperial Bingo Club
Victoria Terrace II Felling Post Office

This is Victoria Tce showing the shop that became the post office. Ardallan can be seen on the far right

This is a current view of the shop that was the post office. It is a hairdresser now but still has the pillar box outside

GRADE II* — Particularly important buildings of more than special interest (nationally some 4% of listed buildings)
GRADE II — Buildings of special interest (94%)


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