Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Felling-The Cinderella Town

In 1974 The Felling, along with Birtley, Whickham and Crawcrook et al became the expanded Gateshead Metropolitaln Borough Council, much to the chagrin of Fellingites who wanted to keep going it alone., even though Council's of that size were simply not efficient to the taxpayer. I was involved with  Local Government from the outside and I was well aware of those inefficiencies...

...for example the mayoral car being used to go to the chippie to get the employees' lunch.

Well, The Felling did manage to hang on for 40 years according to this article I read in Heslop's Advertiser from the mid 30s

Walter Scott the Book Publisher rightfully used to big up The Felling by calling it Felling on Tyne and linking it with London & New York. Robert Heslop also uses Felling on Tyne. It must be a publisher thing!
Indeed, here's local historian Joan Hewitt

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