Monday, 19 October 2015

Something to Crow About

The top left bird is a crow, top right is a chow (aka chough) and the bottom centre one is a raven. They're very similar and belong to the same family..the crow family. They were common in the North East and are reflected in local place names..Split Crow Road and Crowhall Lane in The Felling, Chowdene Bank in Low Fell, leading down to Ravensworth Village and Castle
I've often seen questions posed on Facebook and elsewhere as to the origin of Split Crow Road. The Crow part comes from Crowhall and that likely comes from crows which flocked and nested in the area. The Split likely refers to the fact that it split away, at an unusual angle..see map below... from the then main road to Durham, now the Old Durham Road, and took the traveler through the countryside to Crow Hall and beyond. Most roads leaving the Old Durham Road do so, conventionally, at right angles

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