Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Bit of History Revealed

. This is Felling High Street showing the position of Alnwick Cottage and Shields Cottages. They were built as cottages.
Printwise online occupy Shields Cottages. Underneath their sign is hidden this
It used to be on view at the time Peter Haywood published his book "Around Felling High Street" This pic is taken from the book
The other day, on the property just up from Shields Cottages a bit of fascia above the white door was removed to reveal this
Alnwick Cottage 1835 carved into the stone work. Per Peter Haywood's book..George Crawford of Low Felling,  along with Joseph Oliver, acquired this parcel of land. They built these as dwelling houses and the name was simply because Crawford was born at Alnwick. Later the ground floor rooms were converted to shops.

Immediately left of here is a very narrow passage separating this property from the set of four properties known as Costelloe's Building...look at the map again and you'll see that that space was previously occupied by the Old Poorhouse before the rich former mayor of Gateshead W. J Costelloe added to his other pawn shops in  Bensham and Gateshead High Street by adding one more in Felling.


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