Monday, 16 November 2015

We Live in a Lumpy Place

That the Felling and Low Fell area is a lumpy place is revealed by current and past local place names in Christenings, Marriages and Deaths in Church records. Here's my lumpy address list starting at the Tyne in the Felling area and heading West to the Team
Snowdon's Hole
Goose Bank
Ballast Hills
Holly Hill
Bank Top
Nether Heworth (nether means low)
Over Heworth (High Heworth)
Highburn House
Low Leam
High Leam
Incline House
White Hill

Windy Nook
High Fell
Sod House Bank

Old Durham Road traversing the pinnacle of the Fell traveling North-South. The East West journey rises 600 feet up from The Team to here and then falls 600 feet down to the Tyne at Felling Shore

Sheriff Hill
Low Fell
Belle Vue Bank
Chowdene Bank

High Eighton
Low Eighton
Eighton Banks
Byker Hill
Loosing Hill
High Hills
Low Urpeth
The Mount
Pit Hill
Silver Hill

There's no doubt more. I'll try to add to the list

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