Sunday, 28 June 2015

Today's Reminders of the Past. Post Box on Felling High Street

The post box is now outside the Felling Hub but how long has it been there? Before the Hub it was the Greyhound pub, which by this photo had become Roys, Furnishers
It's been on the High Street since the period 1901-1910 because this
is the Royal Cypher of Edward VII who was on the throne in that period
But this, or an earlier box was on the other side and further down. It was outside Walter Willsons shop that was created out of the Methodist Chapel
You can't tell from this pic that it was at that location but you can judge it by the shops on the other side. The two dormer windows near each other are just down from Costelloes, later Sauls..indeed you can see the three pawnbrokers balls on this pic

Its bigger than it was when it was first installed by virtue of the 30 or so layers of red and black paint it's had applied to it over the past 110 years!

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