Monday, 16 October 2017

The Boy Scouts, The Girl Guides,The Oldest Story in The World

This topic is not local history but this is the only blog I write and I wanted to write on the subject described above. If I was to justify it, the only two long term live-in relationships I've ever had were with Felling lasses. When I "scouted", as boys do, these were the lasses who"guided" me.
It was back in 1967, when I joined a new company I heard the branch manager say to a member of staff that the oldest story in the world, going back to the fictional Adam & Eve, is that in the development of a heterosexual relationship the bloke does the 'scouting' and the girl, if responsive, does the 'guiding'.
When I heard it, I liked it and there have been only rare occasions in my life when it was appropriate to say it... if indeed I ever did. I can't remember..but I've never forgot the expression. I liked it then, and still do. Why am I writing about it now, you're entitled to wonder?
Well, it popped into my head and, as one does nowadays, I googled it and was astounded to find that this concept is not mentioned anywhere on the internet.
Now I know that times have changed. Back then the boy did make the running and the girl responded whereas, quite rightly in these enlightened times, it is perfectly normal for the girl to take the initiative, should she wish. Nevertheless, I'm surprised that it doesn't come up on google..that no one, such as on relationship forums, has ever used this expression.
Well, several days after I press the 'publish' button on this blog I'd be very surprised if it doesn't come up on google. And if so, though this blog has only limited spread on the internet, some people 'hearing' it for the first time may be like me and like it and store it somewhere in their brain and use it. Indeed, I've not looked but I'm sure there'll be forums out there where folk discuss relationships and that would be a good place to throw it into the mix.
Let's see...

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