Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Felling Park Spooktacular


Felling Park's first Spooktacular at 
Halloween 2017
The Friends of Felling Park and Town Centre, a small team of local volunteers, are in the course of bringing back Felling Park to the showpiece that it was, back in its heyday, when it had a large team of professional gardeners at its disposal. The first main event to which the public were invited is the Spooktacular held on 31st October 2017

And it can now be reported that it was a magnificent success, very well supported by the folk of Felling

This is the final preparation of several week's work for the evening event which started at 5.30pm. The biggest job was putting in place the strings of lights that were stretched from tree to tree throughout the park.They were intended to twinkle for the few hours of the event but their batteries were made of stern stuff and twinkled on for more than a further week

Some of the team of support workers

Pics of the event

John Gibson was the event's impresario that led a strong team of dedicated volunteers headed by

Charley Rutland

This occasion which will make it into the annals of The Felling's history, is, perhaps, this immediate locality's most significant in the past decade of centuries (a millennium by any other name). It must, and will almost certainly, become an annual event.

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