Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why Has Windy Nook Turned Its Back on Paradise?

Croduce Square, The Stead, Howard Street, Union Street, Albion Street Back, Paradise Place are the Windy Nook's lost streets, at one time serviced, not just by a big Co-operative Store but by the Bay Horse, the Club (now Sutherland's) and the now long gone Hare and Hounds pub.
Don't get me wrong. I love the pond and wooded area behind the Methodist Church and Sutherland's but some of it could be retained and still have houses. Let's face it, next to it there'd still be a massive and magnificent green space that was once a very deep quarry and until we learn how to build on former quarries that great big dog walking area will remain.

If you a house builder, I suggest you take a butchers and I'm sure you'd not only be inspired to rebuild Paradise, but see the opportunity to make a bob or two, as well. Please price in 10% for yours truly for the heads up.
Here's a bigger view of the map to get you started

I have found a teeny weeny obstacle in the small print. The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers could scupper my fund swelling ruse

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