Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Felling Theatre That Never Was

Right in the centre of this map of 1894 is the Paragon Theatre, which, it seems, never existed. I've been told that it was planned to be built but was initially rejected by the planners for technical reasons.  If true, it may be presumed that the developer lost heart and shelved the scheme.
The drawer of the first OS map must have included it, on the assumption that the development would go ahead. It was not on the next OS map of ...(date) but it has remained on reprints of the 1894 OS map by the Ordnance Survey Office. It is also there on the Alan Godfrey Maps, though it is likely that Alan Godfrey himself, a local historian, knows or suspects that the theatre was never built. He may feel compelled to honestly reproduce the 1894 OS Map, right or wrong.
I decided to try to correct this and wrote to Gateshead Council, who will have inherited papers from the former Felling Urban District Council. The response from the Council is that they do not have any papers on the subject but have suggested that Tyne & Wear Archives might be of assistance. Now awaiting a response from the Archivists

If it turns out to be true that the project didn't proceed, then it will presumably be corrected by the OS Office.
A 120 + year error..or not..deserves correction..or clarification.
Watch this space

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