Monday, 18 December 2017

Santa at Felling Library

The Friends of Felling Park and Town Centre funded and hosted a Meet Santa event in a style that equalled or beat many of the commercial Santa grottos that charge £10 or more. Each child got a pressie and a chat with Santa and his numerous helpers for a cost of Nil.

Chief Santa Helper Margaret Maxted telling helpers Monika & Martin how they should walk when leading a child/children to the grotto...kidding!

l to r 
Jon, Jeanette, Monika, Peter, Lorraine, Ros & Martin

Two very happy visitors
In the grotto corridor
Anne, Lorraine & Ros

The snow trail through the Library to the Grotto
Monika, Lorraine, Ros, Anne

Let's approach the end with Dave (left), who struggled in, festively but under the weather, medically and Stephen Millen who took all these smashin' photographs..the last one of him taken by someone else but with his camera

To finish, here's Charley, with her grandson. Tho' not on duty this day she is one of the stalwarts of the Friends of Felling..Group

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