Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Following the Local History Trail

This, being sold on eBay, was posted on The Felling Heritage Group's Facebook page by Brian May and knowing about George Bolam, Head of Felling Urban District Council and James Steel, Vicar at St. Mary's Church, Heworth I was curious about the Chairman of Heworth Parish, A. S. Palmer (1834–1910).
So I googled and discovered that Alfred Septimus Palmer was not only the brother of Sir Charles Palmer of Jarrow shipyard fame but was a Newcastle mining engineer who had been a major in the 1st Newcastle and Durham, became commanding officer of the third unit. He became the manager of Wardley Colliery .. and built and lived at Wardley Hall
 now Wardley British Legion Club.
Read more about him here

So this humble card posted on Facebook lead me to a Famous Felling Fella I hadn't previously come across

To finish, here's a smashin' set of pics from Norman Dunn, who worked at Wardley Colliery 

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