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The Felling's Timeline

 1091 Heworth as a village appears in records

 1314 Scots army destroy both the manors of Heworth and Wardley
 1348 Black Death hits the area

 1362 Bishop Hatfields survey says "a great many people in a pitiable condition of want and destruction"
 1372 Watermill is established

 1473 Quarrying is being carried on 1478 Grindstones are being made

 1509 The Brandlings get Felling

 1530 White House, a mansion is built 1536-1539 Church of England takes over from Catholic as main religion
 1590 Brandling family acquire manor of Felling

 1670 Brandlings commence coal mining in The Felling
 1717 Haddon's Tomb in St May's Churchyard

 1794 Kell Quarrying commences at Heworth Shore
 1795 Thomas Hepburn dies
 1796 Hugh Lee Pattinson, industrial chemist born in Alston, Cumbria
 1779 John Hodgson, antiquary/clergyman born in the same year that the Brandlings open Felling Colliery....
...they'll regret it when that sharp Shap lad grows up

 1800 Kell Quarrying at Windy Nook
 1805 Methodist Chapel built at Felling Shore
 1808 John Hodgson becomes vicar of Jarrow with Heworth
 1812 Felling Pit Disaster

 1813 Coins and earthenware beaker discovered at St. Mary's, Heworth
 1815 Miners Safety Lamp developed
 1821 New High Heworth Colliery opens
 1822 Current Heworth Church is built
 1823 John Hodgson still vicar but also vicar of church at Kirk Whelpington
  1825 Thomas Hepburn forms a miners' union
 1827 Felling Lodge built for surgeon Mr. Lammas and Friars Goose Chemical works opened

1831 Matthew Plummer becomes curate of Heworth 1834 Heworth becomes a separate parish from Jarrow
        Hugh Lee Pattinson sets up
chemical works at Felling
 1836 The Railway comes to The Felling..Brandling Junction beginsWilliam Falla committed suicide in Ravensworth Wood
 1842 St Alban's Church in Windy Nook opens
  St Patrick's RC Chapel in Felling Shore opens.

Brandling Station opens 
  1845 John Hodgson dies
 1847 Ardallan is built

1853 John Hodgson's wife dies 

Son Richard Wellington Hodgson, inheritor of the Kell Quarry fortune builds North Dene House
 1854 Richard W Hodgson becomes mayor of Gateshead
 1856 Joseph Hopper, creator of Aged Miners Homes is born
 1857 Historian John Oxberry is born at Windy Nook
 1858 Hugh Lee Pattinson dies
 1863 CWS comes to Pelaw
 1864 Felling Local Board begins..30 years becoming an Urban District Council
 Thomas Hepburn dies
 1866 Christ Church opens
 1871 Wardley Colliery opens and Richard W Hodgson is again mayor of Ghd
 1872 Railway line from Pelaw to Tyne Dock opened
 1877 James Steel becomes vicar at St. Mary's Heworth
 1881 Sir Godfrey Hilton Thomson is born
 1882 Walter Scott buys publishing company and links Felling on Tyne with
London, New York and Melbourne 1885 Richard W. Hodgson dies 1894 Felling Urban District Council is formed 1895 St Patrick's Church opens on St Patrick's Day
 1896 Pelaw Station in its current position opened

1898 Joseph Hopper of Windy Nook creates the Aged Miners Homes Association

 1902 First CWS factory opens..Drugs and Drysaltery

1904 Boer War Memo
rial (The Pant) is unveiled
 1907 Costelloe's Building built on Felling High Street

         Murder of John Patterson at Windy Nook Co-op
xpress passenger train derailed.

The Wheat Sheaf pub is built



 1908 Joseph W Noble hanged fo
r Co-op murder
 1909 Joseph Hopper dies
 1910 Imperial Cinema. Wellington Str opens

1 Corona Picture Hall opens, Wardley Colliery closes, Follonsby Colliery opens
 1912 Printing Works, Pelaw opened
 1917 Charles Gwilliam becomes vicar at St Mary's, Heworth
 1929 Imperial Cinema, Wellington Str burns down

 1932 large chemical works at Felling Shore closes
 1936 Felling Colliery closes

 1937 John Oxberry, Historian is made a Freeman of Gateshead

 1940 John Oxberry dies
 1946 Rev Dennis is vicar at St. Mary's, Heworth

 1951 Pant removed to Council depot where it lanquishes until broken up for  landfill. David Almond is born
 1954 Leam Lane Estate development commences
 1955 Gateshead Stadium opens
 1956 White House mansion demolished
 1958 Merry Widow of Windy Nook sentenced to death..later just prison sentence

Felling Bypass opens and Wardley Colliery reopens and merges with Follonsby Colliery
 1960 Felling Swimming Baths opens and Chris Waddle born
 1962 Crowhall Towers built
 1963 Heworth Colliery closes

 1974 Follonsby Colliery closes and The Felling becomes part of Gateshead County Borough Council
 1975 Pelaw Main coal staithes dismantled
 1979 Heworth railway station opens
1981 Heworth Metro Station opens
 1984 The Cup and Coins discovered in 1813 at Heworth are found to be 19th Century forgeries

 1986 Richard Cole's artwork "Windy Nook" is installed
 1990 Harrison's Ship Repair Yard, Bill Quay closes
 1993 Pelaw CWS works ceased
 2016 ASDA Felling Supermarket opens


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