Wednesday, 1 April 2015

T P Heslop, Pork Butcher

T P Heslop, a Famous Felling Fella...& Pork Butcher
Did the T P stand for Totally Pork?
Of course not, but why restrict yourself to pork? You're cutting down your market unnecessarily, man! So I'm not convinced you're a good butchery business man's my main point
You didn't think this photo shoot through.
First, the name of the shop almost misses the picture.
Secondly, you look stand offish. Not good for team building
Thirdly, where you're stood, it looks as though you are scratching your head with your right hand, like life puzzles you.
Fourthly, standing uphill does not make you look taller
Don't get me wrong..that you were a good pork butcher I don't doubt..the chickens were too fast for you, were they?.. but you fell down badly on image promotion
That's all I'm saying
Was it real handy that one of your rellies had the Advertiser...must have saved a bit on promotion costs?

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