Friday, 9 May 2014

Creating a Free Website for Local Groups

I am a member of The Felling Heritage Group and because I have a number of websites...example... I have created a website for this Group. Should you be interested you may view it here
Were I not able to create websites I would certainly use Google's free blog creation tool, Blogger, and indeed this "website" is brought to you by Blogger
A private individual has a host of different styles to choose from. By way of example here's one of my personal blogs
I came across a very interesting local history site..Bowes Railway...and before that I hadn't realised that Google had introduced new styles which lend themselves to voluntary groups. Indeed, I have used the same style as that used by Bowes Railway for this blog
So what is this blog's purpose?
It is to encourage and teach local groups to have a free website of their own
I have been asked before about the creation of a website for a local history group and my reply has been to discourage the creation of a complex website because, all to often they don't last. After a few years many are taken down, presumably because of the annual cost of staying online
Blogs have always been around but the styles were geared to private blogs. This style, I think, is perfect for a local group

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